Thursday Snapshot – Learning About Health

This week a team from Broadus Memorial Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, is here to help us put on a "Family Health Day" event in eight different locations. One of the stations is about how our bodies need exercise to be strong and healthy, and showing different exercises you can do without equipment.  The kids love... Continue Reading →

May/June Newsletter

We just sent our May/June email newsletter, with information about what's been happening this spring, and about where we'll be during our time in the U.S. this summer.  If you didn't get it, click on the image below to see the newsletter!

Thursday Snapshot – Signs of Spring

Two signs we're always glad to see after the long, cold winters here in Slovakia - the bright yellow canola fields and the storks returning to their nests.  We still have cold snaps from time to time these days, but spring is winning!!

Season of Prayer for Roma People

During this week, we encourage you to visit the Facebook page for CBF Romany Ministries and join us and others in a season of prayer for the Roma people.  There you'll find updates from our teammates who work with Roma people, including prayer requests that you can focus on this week following International Romani Day.... Continue Reading →

International Romani Day 2017

Today, April 8, is International Romani Day.  There are an estimated 10-12 million Romani people living across Europe today, and at least one million people of Romani descent live in the U.S.  These are the official statistics... but if you have followed us at all you know that the Roma people are so much more... Continue Reading →

Thursday Snapshot – Building Friendships

We get so much joy from hosting teams - there are so many little wonderful things about having guests here serving and learning alongside us!  But one of our favorite little joys is watching new friendships grow.  The team of eight that's here from Gretna, Virginia, partnered with Devleskero Kher church several times this week,... Continue Reading →

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